May 20, 2020

Americans Have Always Politicized Public Health

As humanity tackles the serious, global problems presented by the current pandemic, we should learn the lessons of the past and know that beating COVID-19 will require clear heads and a reliance on reason and data.

The American Conservative
April 15, 2020

Why We Say ‘No Thanks’ to a Cares Act Loan

When government launches massive relief and “stimulus” efforts, it showers money on many who need it and many who don’t. Those in the latter category, like us, should leave it on the shelf. By declining this assistance, we can promote our ideals with consistency, credibility and zeal.

The Wall Street Journal
March 27, 2020

Beware of Dogma

One of the hottest takes currently circulating the internet is that the coronavirus pandemic has eliminated all of the libertarians — an outcome perhaps most surprising to those of us who are libertarian and still exist.

Washington Examiner