May 6, 2016
Book Forum

Conspiracies of the Ruling Class: How to Break Their Grip Forever

Featuring the author Lawrence B. Lindsey, Chief Executive Officer, The Lindsey Group; with comments by John Samples, Vice President, Cato Institute; moderated by Jeffrey Miron, Director, Economic Studies, Cato Institute, and Director, Undergraduate Studies, Department of Economics, Harvard University.
November 12, 2015

33rd Annual Monetary Conference

Featuring James Bullard, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; Claudio Borio, Head, Monetary and Economic Department, Bank for International Settlements; Rep. Bill Huizenga, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade; George S. Tavlas, Member, Monetary Policy Council, Bank of Greece; Charles I. Plosser, Former President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; John B. Taylor, Mary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics, Stanford University; Manuel Sánchez, Deputy Governor, Bank of Mexico; Jeffrey M. Lacker, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmon; and more.
June 6, 2013 June 7, 2013

Third Annual Cato Papers on Public Policy Conference

Featuring: Jeffrey Miron, Harvard University and Cato Institute; Paul Willen, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Ross Levine, University of California, Berkeley; Yona Rubinstein, London School of Economics; James Hamilton, University of California, San Diego; Giovanni Peri, University of California, Davis; and Chad Sparber, Colgate University.
November 15, 2012

30th Annual Monetary Conference

Featuring Vernon L. Smith, Professor of Economics, Chapman University, and Nobel Laureate in Economics; Thomas Hoenig, Vice Chairman,Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; John B. Taylor, Professor of Economics, Stanford University; George S. Tavlas, Director, Bank of Greece; Jurgen Stark, Former Chief Economist, European Central Bank; and Charles I. Plosser, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
November 18, 2010

28th Annual Monetary Conference

Featuring Charles Plosser, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; Carmen M. Reinhart, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland; Jerry L. Jordan, Former President, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland; George S. Tavlas, Director‐​General, Bank of Greece; John B. Taylor, Professor of Economics, Stanford University; and Manuel Sánchez, Vice Governor, Banco de México.
May 18, 2010
Book Forum

Libertarianism, from A to Z

Featuring the author Jeffrey A. Miron, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Harvard University; with comments by Tom G. Palmer, Vice President, Atlas Foundation, Author, Realizing Freedom: Libertarian Theory, History, and Practice.