Brave Nuclear World

Though mutually assured destruction is still the core strategic logic underlying most countries’ nuclear arsenals, the structure of the system is no longer the same.

Ink Stick

IRAQ 2.0?

Trump might not want war with Iran, but he might get it anyway.
Ink Stick Media

The Deep State Isn’t What You Think

The problem is not that the “deep state” is thwarting Trump’s policy agenda. It is his reliance on advisers who agree with the post–Cold War foreign-policy consensus.
National Interest (Online)

What’s Next for the Iran Deal

While Trump’s Iran speech was largely an empty, grandstanding gesture, it is a gesture with potentially dangerous consequences.
The Hill (Online)

Alternatives to the Iran Deal Carry Too Much Risk

If President Trump chooses not to certify Iranian compliance in mid-October, he will be kicking off a process likely to end U.S. participation in the nuclear deal, split us from our European allies, weaken moderate reformers in Iran and set the United States down a far more dangerous and confrontational path.