June 23, 2020

Trump’s Dismal Drone Policy

The Trump administration has emphasized the economic benefits of arms sales since the president took office, but selling more drones is likely to do more harm than good.

Washington Examiner
November 2, 2019

Will Trump End the Endless Wars?

To the extent that Trump wants to extricate the United States from unnecessary military entanglements, he has the right instincts. But his inability to properly manage the policy process, or even unite his own cabinet around a clear strategy, means none of these impulses actually get implemented into policy.

Orange County Register
September 17, 2019

Selling F‐​16s to Taiwan Is Bad Business

Instead of providing for Taiwan’s defense from China, what the F-16 deal will do is give Taiwan the confidence to act in ways that aggravate China and encourage China to act more aggressively in turn.

Defense One
August 9, 2018

Will Trump’s Foreign Policy Matter for the Midterms?

Between saber rattling with Iran, immigration negotiations with Congress, unresolved business with North Korea, and trade battles with China, Trump has plenty of opportunities to make sure foreign policy is front and center this fall.
The Hill (Online)