Natural Variability’s Role in Arctic Sea Ice Decline Strengthens Case for Lukewarming

A story this week that has been making the rounds in the climate-media complex finds that natural variability is responsible for perhaps as much as 50% of the summertime decrease in Arctic sea ice that has taken place over the past 30 years or so (anthropogenic climate change is the presumed factor in the remainder).

This isn’t new. 

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You Ought to Have a Look: How to Properly Worry about Climate Change, aka, Lukewarming

In our last episode of You Ought to Have a Look (which was prominently quoted in an editorial in Nature magazine this week), we looked at reasons why folks who are wishing climate change mitigation should be the driving force behind most federal regulations should be very worried about what the incoming Trump Administration has in store. Most of his announced agency heads, etc., don’t share their vision (unlike those currently running the Obama Administration).


You Ought to Have a Look: Panic Among Alarmists

As the time towards Trump’s inauguration closes, panic mounts in the climate change-agenda community as evinced by their hyperventilation about what a Trump Administration might unleash on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. This includes ventilation about blocking access to climate data, data manipulation, investigating climate scientists, squashing dissent, selective science, end runs around Congressional intent, etc...sort of like a catalog of what they have been doing since climate change went prime time in 1988.


You Ought to Have a Look: How to Start Afresh with Climate and Energy Policy

In this week's You Ought to Have a Look, we highlight some articles from around the web that present pathways for the new Trump Administration to revoke many of the burdensome and ineffective rules and regulations established under President Obama's "Climate Action Plan" and to start anew with fresh ideas regarding climate and energy policy.