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Simon Lester

Associate Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies

The USMCA Is Moving Forward (Too) Quickly

Many politicians and interest groups involved in the debate over the fate of NAFTA seem eager to put everything behind them and ratify USMCA as quickly as possible. We think it is worth discussing and debating what’s in USMCA first.


Does China Comply with Its WTO Obligations?

Are the current terms of China’s WTO participation “fair”? What changes, if any, need to be made? Are there WTO rules that can be used to bring cases against China, but have been overlooked? What is the best way for the U.S. government to address China’s state intervention in its economy? How do the efforts of past administrations compare to those of the Trump administration? What should the next administration do?


Losing Ground to the EU on Trade with China

When the EU promotes geographical indications for products like Roquefort cheese, as it is doing in current talks for an EU‐​China free trade agreement, it spreads this protectionist idea to the other countries. The U.S. should push back against this policy, but it’s worth nothing that the EU was able to achieve this result without threatening China with tariffs. 


The New U.S.-Japan Trade Deal

The United States and Japan signed a trade agreement yesterday. As of this moment, it looks like the deal will be implemented, but whether it will expand into a comprehensive trade agreement, and even how long it will last, remains unclear.


Delivering a New Postal Trade Deal

When the United States has reasonable concerns about international economic agreements, other governments are often willing to listen and make the necessary reforms.


Taking on China

It would be nice if someone would eventually “take on” China, in the sense of adopting an approach to trade policy that encourages China to liberalize.