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Simon Lester

Associate Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies

How To Get Back To Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Cut Agriculture Subsidies!

There are probably several examples of what might constitute significant trade liberalization, but the most obvious one is agriculture subsidies. Someone needs to take the lead and propose that all governments cut their agriculture subsidies significantly, instead of hiding behind the actions of others to avoid doing any liberalizing of their own.


Bringing More Competition to Health Insurance

In the trade negotiations going on right now with the EU, European companies can ask the EU trade negotiators to press for rules ensuring that U.S. regulations don’t discriminate against foreign insurance providers.


How to Think about the TPP

The TPP has two major aspects to think about: the trade liberalizing part, which is good; and the regulatory part, which is pretty mixed.


The Politics of the TPP

With trade agreements these days addressing so many aspects of social policy, assembling a package of provisions that Congress will support is a challenge.


Trump, Ford, and Trade Policy

Trump is right that we need companies to invest in America. But the answer is not to threaten trade wars when companies act in ways that are both profit maximizing and make consumers better off.


Free Trade Within Canada

Through NAFTA, Canadians have (mostly) free trade with the United States. It would be nice if they also had free trade with each other.


Tariffs on Clean Energy

If we wanted to promote clean energy, the first thing we could and should do is stop imposing tariffs on these imports.


Oh, the Hyperbole!

In terms of commentary on the documents it publishes, WikiLeaks doesn’t always know what it is talking about.