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Simon Lester

Associate Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies

The Politics of Renegotiating NAFTA

We should be happy that Trump did not try to withdraw from NAFTA, but we should be uncomfortable with the way the NAFTA renegotiation took place, and also with some of the USMCA results. 


Voting on WTO Withdrawal

Requests for a congressional withdrawal vote may not have been designed to promote WTO reform, but nevertheless there is an opportunity to put forward reform proposals.


Senator Hawley’s Many Misunderstandings of the WTO

Senator Josh Hawley has a NY Times op‐​ed today entitled “The W.T.O. Should Be Abolished.” Debates about the scope and nature of the World Trade Organization and the trading system in general are important, but this op‐​ed gets so many facts wrong that it cannot serve as the basis for a useful discussion.


The Coronavirus Is Not a Good Argument for Protectionism

Every country needs to have a plan for ensuring that it can get medical equipment when it needs it. But it’s costly and risky to seek self‐​sufficiency in this production, and it’s better for everyone to maintain a cooperative international approach to making these products.