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Alex Nowrasteh

Director of Immigration Studies, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity

Congress Can Recapture 4.5 Million Unused Green Cards

As a justification to reduce the green card backlog to a manageable level or to clear it out before replacing the current system as part of comprehensive immigration reform, recapturing over 4.5 million unused green cards from the past would reduce many of the most maddening aspects of the current immigration system.


Crime Along the Border Is Historically Low

The most consistent argument wielded in support of stricter immigration laws is that those being apprehended are criminals who pose a serious threat to Americans. The number of criminals apprehended are lower than in previous years.


Market‐​Based Visas: Problems, Criticisms, and Solutions

An immigration tariff is an attempt, based largely on Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker’s idea to sell visas, to create a market-based visa that accounts for many of the most trenchant criticisms of liberalized immigration  The idea is simply to create a new visa called a Gold Card without numerical quotas or caps.