Public Schooling Battles: May Dispatch

Some people want schools to have lighthearted, warm environments. Some want them to delve into social commentary, even if it is uncomfortable. Some students just want to wear what they want to wear. And some people either don’t want any of those things, or disagree when lines have been crossed.

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Show Me the (Education) Money, Part IV!

We now look at total enrollment and inflation‐​adjusted expenditures, and then at how staffing and inflation‐​adjusted teacher salaries have moved, both nationally and for our “hot” states.

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Show Me the (Education) Money!

Many states have seen decreasing per‐​pupil expenditures for public schools since the Great Recession. But how deep varies from state to state, and it comes on the heels of nearly a century of almost unremitting spending growth.

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Public Schooling Battles: March Dispatch

The country saw other kinds of identity and values‐​based battles in March, but the month was dominated by one thing: guns, especially how you protest against them, for them, or try your best to stay neutral.

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No Major Lessons from New National Test Scores

Another set of national exam results—the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—is upon us, and much will likely be made of them. But in the aggregate, what the new scores show is just that things haven’t changed much over the last couple of years, and only as captured by this particular test. 

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