Show Me the (Education) Money, Part IV!

We now look at total enrollment and inflation‐​adjusted expenditures, and then at how staffing and inflation‐​adjusted teacher salaries have moved, both nationally and for our “hot” states.

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College: Ragnarok

In light of this, the trims that could come through the GOP tax plan hardly threaten to wreak higher education Ragnarok. Indeed, they may do for colleges and universities what the latest movie did for Thor: provide a much needed haircut.

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Good Intentions, But No 529 Plans for K-12, Thanks

It sounds like school choice fans are pretty happy to see the GOP tax plan allowing up to $10,000 per year from tax‐​favored 529 savings plans to be used for elementary and secondary expenses. But happy or not, for several reason this is probably bad policy.

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Work “Nonprofit”? Get Free Grad School!

A new report shows that someone could potentially get all of their graduate schooling covered for free through the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program which, by the way, is expected to cost the American taxpayer a lot more than originally anticipated.


Kill the Whole Jellyfish, or the Tentacles Will Grow

We’re looking at classic concentrated benefits and diffuse costs: For voters and taxpayers, this program is but one among umpteen thousand government programs they could never keep track of and which, on an individual taxpayer basis, costs little.