January 8, 2020

Bernie Sanders Is on to Something in Education

Bernie Sanders is right that NCLB‐​style reform — blunt, top‐​down control — is no way to run an education system. But he is wrong to attack the opposite of such reform: school choice.

August 30, 2019

Segregation and the School Choice Movement

Many people support school choice not only out of principle, but based on historical and present reality: public schooling has repeatedly produced repression, exclusion, and other chronic problems.
Education Next
August 20, 2019

Maryland Case Reveals Religious Discrimination in Education

It would be better if Maryland had a scholarship tax credit program than a voucher. Then taxpayers could choose to direct their education dollars to religious institutions and get a credit for it, rather than all taxpayers having some sliver go to religious institutions, like it or not.

The Baltimore Sun
March 26, 2019

The Whole Ivory Tower Is Full of Cracks

For‐​profit higher ed has problems. But when you scrape down a bit, the other sectors seem no more noble, just more presentable in the polite society to which they cater.

The Orange County Register