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Chris Edwards

Director of Tax Policy Studies and editor of Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org

CAP Study on Federal Land Issues

The recently released Center for American Progress on federal land issues is a great example of how D.C. policy debates can become harsh and mean‐​spirited, even when some bipartisan policy agreements exist. 


Fixing Federal Fumbles Forever

Limited reform proposals can help educate the public. But unless we start repealing programs and agencies the government is just going to keep on fumbling year after year, and the debt is going to keep piling up. 


Universal Savings Accounts (USAs) Introduced

USAs would help solve all sorts of problems for many Americans by giving them a savings account that maximized liquidity and flexibility, while encouraging saving and zeroing out taxes that eat away at returns.


Richard Nixon’s VAT

With two Republican presidential candidates embracing a value‐​added tax (VAT), it is worth looking back at the original federal debate over that bad policy idea.


New Study on Higher Education Aid

When the subsidies start flowing, the do‐​gooders in Washington just can’t keep their hands off. Regulatory manipulation is just too tempting for the politicians and bureaucrats, who hide their big‐​government impulses behind conservative‐​sounding phrases such as “standards” and “accountability.”


Highway Bill Extends Big Spending

Some of the government’s own data shows that, rather than “falling apart,” the nation’s bridges and Interstate highways have steadily improved in quality over the past two decades.