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Chris Edwards

Director of Tax Policy Studies and editor of Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org

Are Tech Companies Too Big?

Politicians and pundits are claiming that technology companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are damaging monopolies. A decent understanding of the dynamism in U.S. economic history reveals why aggressive antitrust policy makes no sense.


How to Improve Thanksgiving Air Travel

As millions of Americans travel to meet their families for Thanksgiving, airports will be crowded, flights will be delayed, and travelers will get stuck in long security lines. To meet growing passenger demands and improve the public’s flying experience, policymakers should adopt the best practices of 21st century aviation, including privatizing security screening, airports, and air traffic control.


Government Assets Fall Apart

Politicians like to brag about the new projects they are spending money on, but they pay little attention to old facilities that are falling apart.


Reforming Passenger Rail

Passenger rail competes against automobiles and airlines. Congress should unleash rail’s potential by selling off Amtrak and giving it the flexibility it needs to cut costs and innovate.