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Chris Edwards

Director of Tax Policy Studies and editor of Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org

Local Governments and the Recession

The more aid that Congress provides, the less incentive for states and cities to improve operational efficiencies and to deregulate to spur broad‐​based economic growth.


An Infrastructure Package Is a Bad Idea

A federal infrastructure package would probably cater to lobbyist demands, not market demands, and would likely include billions of dollars for transit, even though the ridership outlook is grim. As for the states, they should proceed with caution because the crisis will shake up many economic relationships, including infrastructure use.


State Rainy Day Funds

Large rainy day funds make states less reliant on federal bailouts, improve state credit ratings, and they strengthen the overall U.S. macroeconomy.


President Trump’s 2021 Budget

Under the Trump budget, U.S. federal spending would fall from 21.6 percent of GDP this year to 18.4 percent in 2030. The spending reductions would be a good start, but even larger reforms are possible and desirable


Winner and Loser States from Big Government

American government has become much larger and more centralized over the past century. That has created winner and loser states as taxpayer cash floods into Washington and is then dispersed through more than 2,300 federal spending programs.