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Chris Edwards

Director of Tax Policy Studies and editor of Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org

Trump Spending Soars in First 4 Years

Trump has been a big spender across the board. His new budget promises cuts, but it remains to be seen whether he really means it or whether his budget is just an accounting exercise.


President Trump’s 2021 Budget

Under the Trump budget, U.S. federal spending would fall from 21.6 percent of GDP this year to 18.4 percent in 2030. The spending reductions would be a good start, but even larger reforms are possible and desirable


Cato’s Letters: 300 Years

For Americans, Cato’s Letters is a reminder that the fight for liberty did not begin in 1776, and also that it will never end because the thirst for power is unquenchable.


Federal Budget Outlook: Worse than CBO

Our economy is growing and we are at peace, so federal deficits and debt should be falling. But deficits are soaring and debt is at record high levels for peacetime as a share of the economy.


Winner and Loser States from Big Government

American government has become much larger and more centralized over the past century. That has created winner and loser states as taxpayer cash floods into Washington and is then dispersed through more than 2,300 federal spending programs.


Wealth Is Business Ownership

Most of the wealth of the rich isn’t yachts, jewelry, and fine art. Its equity and debt in businesses, which in turn funds capital investments and creates jobs and growth.


New York vs. Florida on Bureaucracy

New York and Florida have similar populations of 20 million and 21 million, respectively. But state and local governments in New York spent twice as much as governments in Florida.


Crescent Dunes: Another Green Flop

The lesson from political daydreams about green new deals such as Crescent Dunes is that the government’s track record at guiding our energy future has been pretty dismal.