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Chris Edwards

Director of Tax Policy Studies and editor of Down​siz​ing​Gov​ern​ment​.org

Wealth Is Business Ownership

Most of the wealth of the rich isn’t yachts, jewelry, and fine art. Its equity and debt in businesses, which in turn funds capital investments and creates jobs and growth.


New York vs. Florida on Bureaucracy

New York and Florida have similar populations of 20 million and 21 million, respectively. But state and local governments in New York spent twice as much as governments in Florida.


Crescent Dunes: Another Green Flop

The lesson from political daydreams about green new deals such as Crescent Dunes is that the government’s track record at guiding our energy future has been pretty dismal.


Are Tech Companies Too Big?

Politicians and pundits are claiming that technology companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are damaging monopolies. A decent understanding of the dynamism in U.S. economic history reveals why aggressive antitrust policy makes no sense.


ITEP Study on Corporate Taxes

The liberal tax group ITEP has a new study suggesting that many large corporations did not pay income taxes in 2018. Low corporate income taxes may seem like a scandal, but we should eliminate these taxes altogether. Corporate taxes ultimately land on individuals as workers, shareholders, and consumers, and in today’s global economy economists think that corporate taxes land mainly on workers.


How to Improve Thanksgiving Air Travel

As millions of Americans travel to meet their families for Thanksgiving, airports will be crowded, flights will be delayed, and travelers will get stuck in long security lines. To meet growing passenger demands and improve the public’s flying experience, policymakers should adopt the best practices of 21st century aviation, including privatizing security screening, airports, and air traffic control.