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James A. Dorn

Vice President for Monetary Studies, Senior Fellow, and Editor of Cato Journal

Why the Fed Needs a Monetary Rule to Protect Its Independence

In conducting monetary policy, the Fed needs to be accountable to political institutions, yet independent of political pressures to finance budget deficits or use the printing press to satisfy special interests (whether those interests take the form of a border wall or a “Green New Deal”).


New Release: Monetary Policy in an Uncertain World

Ten years after the 2008 financial crisis we are again facing the possibility of economic turmoil as the Fed and other central banks exit their unconventional monetary policies by raising interest rates and shrinking their balance sheets.


Yi Gang to Head China’s Central Bank

By appointing economist Yi Gang governor of the People’s Bank of China, President Xi Jinping is signaling that he intends to address structural problems in China’s economic system.