March 23, 2018

The Right Way to Fix Facebook

Whether personal data is leaked through hacking or developers simply breaking confidentiality promises, users need to be able to hold companies accountable for acting as responsible stewards of information.

New York Post
February 12, 2018

Brand Loyalty

Brand’s departure suggests that the working environment at Justice—not only under regular assault from Trump as a handmaiden of a corrupt “Deep State,” but facing unsubtle and unseemly pressure from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly—had become corrosive and demoralizing.
Just Security
February 9, 2018

The Grassley Letter Everyone Is Ignoring Is Way More Important Than the Nunes Memo

If the Grassley letter is accurate, it should provoke a debate, not about whether some cabal within the FBI had chosen Carter Page as the unlikely vehicle for a byzantine plot against Trump, but about whether the FISA process is rigorous enough to protect the civil liberties of all Americans, including those without high political connections.
February 8, 2018

Thanks to AI, the Future of ‘Fake News’ May Be Easily‐​Faked Video

Technology has made it easier to fake; the economics of the internet make it increasingly likely that the fakes become news. And the inevitable blunders will confirm diminishing public trust in professional news media — the effect of which to date, ironically, has been to drive many viewers and readers into the arms of outlets with even fewer journalistic scruples.
NBC News