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Cato Staff

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  • Emily Adamec, Media Relations Coordinator, eadamec [at] cato.org
  • Khristine Brookes, Vice President for Communications, kbrookes [at] cato.org
  • Caleb Brown, Director of Multimedia, cbrown [at] cato.org
  • Sarah Bryant Burns, Assistant Director of Marketing Automation, sbryant [at] cato.org
  • Brandi Dunn, Associate Director of Marketing, bdunn [at] cato.org
  • Christopher Hansford, Director of State Relations, chansford [at] cato.org
  • Meaghan Leister, Director, Broadcast and A/V Production, mleister [at] cato.org
  • Andrew Mast, Director of Web Communications, amast [at] cato.org
  • Kat Murti, Senior Digital Outreach Manager, kmurti [at] cato.org
  • Eleanor O’Connor, Managing Director of Cato Books, eoconnor [at] cato.org
  • Lester Romero, Multimedia Editor, lromero [at] cato.org
  • Joshua Shnayer, Manager of Media Relations, jshnayer [at] cato.org



  • Gabriel Benitez, Development Assistant, gbenitez [at] cato.org
  • Maria Santos Bier, Manager of Foundation and Corporate Relations, msantosbier [at] cato.org
  • Sophia Coyne-Kosnak, Development Events Assistant, sck [at] cato.org
  • Josh Ferencik, Development Coordinator, jferencik [at] cato.org
  • Audrey Grayson, Director of Development Communications, agrayson [at] cato.org
  • Jenna Huhn, Associate Director of Development, jhuhn [at] cato.org
  • Sallie James, Director of Development, sjames [at] cato.org
  • Harrison Moar, Executive Director of Development, hmoar [at] cato.org
  • Samuel Moses, Development Assistant to the President, smoses [at] cato.org
  • Brian Mullis, Associate Director of Development, bmullis [at] cato.org
  • Moorea O’Donnell, Development Research Assistant, modonnell [at] cato.org
  • Ben Wyche V, Research Manager, bwyche [at] cato.org


External Affairs

  • Jeff Vanderslice, Director of Government Affairs, jvanderslice [at] cato.org
  • Audrey Williams, Government and External Affairs Coordinator, awilliams [at] cato.org


Administration & Support Staff

  • Linda Ah-Sue, Vice President, Events & Conferences, lah-sue [at] cato.org
  • Lesley Albanese, Vice President of Initiatives, lalbanese [at] cato.org
  • Katherine Chacon, Conference Assistant, kchacon [at] cato.org
  • Marissa Delgado, Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, mdelgado [at] cato.org
  • Kiana Graham, Conference Manager, kgraham [at] cato.org
  • Mackenzie Johnson, Conference Planner, mjohnson [at] cato.org
  • Steve Kurtz, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, skurtz [at] cato.org
  • Jose Medina, Conference Attendant, jmedina [at] cato.org
  • Samantha McKenney, Associate Director, Conferences and Events, smckenney [at] cato.org
  • Jon Meyers, Art Director, jmeyers [at] cato.org
  • Ugonnah Nwokedi, Conference Coordinator, UNwokedi [at] cato.org
  • Yvette Pannell, Human Resources Manager, ypannell [at] cato.org
  • Tom Roth, Senior Conference Planner, troth [at] cato.org
  • Neil Saul, Student Programs Coordinator, nsaul [at] cato.org
  • Clark Scott, Chief of Staff, cscott [at] cato.org
  • Charrisse S. Wilson, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, cwilson [at] cato.org
  • Theresa Terrible, Senior Producer, Libertarianism.org, tterrible [at] cato.org


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