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Pandemics and Policy

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our daily lives, it has transformed the political landscape, with governments at all levels exercising emergency powers rarely seen outside the context of total war. With so much at risk, what’s needed now is sober, realistic assessment of the choices ahead—a guide to policies that can stem the damage while avoiding permanent transformation of American life and law. The Cato Institute aims to meet that need with this new series.

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After COVID-19: Building an Inclusive Economy for California

Date and Time
April 20, 2021
9 AM to 12:45 PM PDT
(12 PM to 3:45 PM EDT)
Live Online

[Growth] will not be enough unless all Californians are fully able to participate. Therefore, particular attention needs to be paid to the impact of the state’s policies on low‐​income communities.