Distinguishing Friends from Adversaries

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Acid Test for North Korea

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Missing the Point: Iraq and the U.N. Panacea

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Supremacy Is America’s Weakness

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Comparing the U.S. and EU Constitutions

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Americans Are from Earth, and so Are the Europeans

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May the Best Investment Win

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Socialism’s Farewell Note

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U.S. Empire? Let’s Get Real

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Why Didn’t Iraq Use Chemical and Biological Weapons Against U.S. Troops?

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NATO: An Economic Case for American Withdrawal

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Free Trade, Not Lots Of Aid, Should Be U.S.’ Focus In Iraq

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Can Iraq Be Democratic?

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The U.N. Will Complicate an Iraq Exit Strategy

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Markets Created a Pot of Gold in Ireland

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The Realignment of the World

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Why Boycotting Wine Won’t Work

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Constructive Revenge

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Time to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

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Europe’s New Constitution: Philadelphia It Is Not

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From the Old, Heralding in the New

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The European Rift Goes Beyond Politics

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Why Hasn’t Saddam Killed Us All?

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The Economic Ruin of Europe

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Let Britain Be Britain

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