Foreign Policy Briefing

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79. The New Approach to Foreign Aid: Is the Enthusiasm Warranted?, by Ian Vásquez (September 17, 2003)

78. Reauthorize or Retire the Overseas Private Investment Corporation?, by Ian Vásquez and John Welborn (September 15, 2003)

77. Missile Defense: Defending America or Building Empire?, by Charles V. Peña (May 28, 2003)

76. Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Why Military Action Should Not Be Used to Resolve the North Korean Nuclear Crisis, by Doug Bandow (May 12, 2003)

75. The IMF’s Dubious Proposal for a Universal Bankruptcy Law for Sovereign Debtors, by Anna J. Schwartz (March 5, 2003)

74. The China-Taiwan Military Balance: Implications for the United States, by Ivan Eland (February 5, 2003)

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71. Unsavory Bedfellows: Washington's International Partners in the War on Drugs, by Ted Galen Carpenter (August 1, 2002)

70. The New Homeland Security Apparatus: Impeding the Fight against Agile Terrorists, by Eric R. Taylor (June 26, 2002)

69. Robust Response to 9/11 Is Needed but Poking the Hornets’ Nest Is Ill-Advised, by Ivan Eland (December 18, 2001)

68. The Anti-Terrorism Coalition: Don’t Pay an Excessive Price, by Charles V. Peña (December 11, 2001)

67. Argentine Endgame: Couple Dollarization with Free Banking, by Steve H. Hanke (December 4, 2001)

66. Going Too Far: Bush's Pledge to Defend Taiwan by Ted Galen Carpenter (May 30, 2001)

65. The Rogue State Doctrine and National Missile Defense by Ivan Eland with Daniel Lee (March 29, 2001)

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63. The Great Game, Round 2: Washington's Misguided Support for the Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline by Stanley Kober (October 31, 2000)

62. A Hollow Debate on Military Readiness by Ivan Eland (October 17, 2000)

61. Constitutional Problems with Enforcing the Biological Weapons Convention by Ronald D. Rotunda (September 28, 2000)

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58. Let's Make National Missile Defense Truly "National" by Ivan Eland (June 27, 2000)

57. "Isolationism" as the Denial of Intervention: What Foreign Policy Is and Isn’t by Earl C. Ravenal (April 27, 2000)

56. The Greening of the World Bank: A Lesson in Bureaucratic Survival, by James M. Sheehan (April 12, 2000)

55. East Timor and the “Slippery Slope” Problem, by Leon T. Hadar (December 20, 1999)

54. Repairing the Lender-Borrower Relationship in International Finance, by Ian Vásquez (September 27, 1999)

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50. Does U.S. Intervention Overseas Breed Terrorism? The Historical Record, by Ivan Eland (December 17, 1998)

49. The Case for a Russian Currency Board System, by Steve H. Hanke (October 14, 1998)

48. Time to Terminate the ESF and the IMF, by Anna J. Schwartz (August 26, 1998)

47. Subtract Unneeded Nuclear Attack Submarines from the Fleet, by Ivan Eland (April 2, 1998)

46. NATO Expansion Flashpoint No. 3: Kaliningrad, by Stanley Kober (February 11, 1998)

45. NATO Expansion Flashpoint No. 2: The Border between Hungary and Serbia, by Ted Galen Carpenter and Pavel Kislitsyn (November 24, 1997)

44. NATO Expansion Flashpoint No. 1: The Border between Poland and Belarus, by Ted Galen Carpenter and Andrew Stone (September 16, 1997)

43. The World Bank's Procurement Myth, by John G. Thibodeau (September 4, 1996)

42. The Domino Theory Reborn: Clinton's Bosnia Intervention and the "Wider War" Thesis, by Ted Galen Carpenter (August 15, 1996)

41. Smoke and Mirrors: The Clinton-Hashimoto Summit, by Ted Galen Carpenter (May 16, 1996)

40. Instinct for the Capillary: The Clinton Administration's Foreign Policy "Successes", by Jonathan G. Clarke (April 5, 1996)

39. The Nunn-Lugar Act: A Wasteful and Dangerous Illusion, by Rich Kelly (March 18, 1996)

38. NATO Expansion and the Danger of a Second Cold War, by Stanley Kober (January 31, 1996)

37. Holbrooke Horror: The U.S. Peace Plan For Bosnia, by Ted Galen Carpenter (October 27, 1995)

36. The United States and Future Bosnias, by Jonathan G. Clarke (August 8, 1995)

35. The Misleading Military "Readiness Crisis", by David Isenberg (July 25, 1995)

34. Killing with Kindness: The UN Peacekeeping Mission In Bosnia, by John F. Hillen III (June 30, 1995)

33. America's Misguided Policy of Dual Containment in the Persian Gulf, by Barbara Conry (November 10, 1994)

32. Faulty Repairs: The Law of the Sea Treaty is Still Unacceptable, by Doug Bandow (September 13, 1994)

31. The Real Lesson of the Oslo Accord: "Localize" the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Leon Hadar (May 9, 1994)

30. U.S. Troops in Macedonia: Back Door to War? by Ted Galen Carpenter (March 17, 1994)

29. Do Not Endorse the Law of the Sea Treaty, by Doug Bandow (January 27, 1994)

28. European Monetary Reform: The Pitfalls of Central Planning, by Kevin Dowd (December 27, 1993)

27. Loose Cannon: The National Endowment for Democracy, by Barbara Conry (November 8, 1993)

26. Declaring an Armistice in the International Drug War, by Ted Galen Carpenter (July 26, 1993)

25. Soft Assistance for Hard Russian Reform, by Karen LaFollette (June 3, 1993)

24. North Korea and the Risks of Coercive Nonproliferation, by Doug Bandow (May 4, 1993)

23. Providing a Haven for Refugees: An Alternative to U.S. Military Intervention in the Balkans, by Jeffrey R. Gerlach (April 12, 1993)

22. Politics and the National Defense: The 1993 Defense Bill, by Jeffrey R. Gerlach (January 20, 1993)

21. The Eurocorps: A Fresh Start in Europe, by Jonathan G. Clarke (December 28, 1992)

20. Setting a Dangerous Precedent in Somalia, by Ted Galen Carpenter (December 18, 1992)

19. Foreign Policy Masochism: The Campaign for U.S. Intervention in Yugoslavia, by Ted Galen Carpenter (July 1, 1992)

18. The Sins of Security Assistance Programs, by David Isenberg (February 27, 1992)

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15. Washington's Iron Curtain against East European Exports, by James Bovard (January 7, 1992)

14. Defusing the Korean Bomb, by Doug Bandow (December 16, 1991)

13. Let the Soviet Jews Come to America, by Sheldon Richman (October 3, 1991)

12. U.S. Military Presence in the Philippines: Expensive and Unnecessary, by Ted Galen Carpenter (July 29, 1991)

11. Dump Our Anti-Dumping Law, by Michael S. Knoll (July 25, 1991)

10. Countdown to Disaster: The Threat of Ballistic Missile Proliferation, by Channing R. Lukefahr (July 14, 1991)

9. A Mexican View of North American Free Trade, by Roberto Salinas-Leon (May 21, 1991)

8. Government Loans for the Soviet Union: A Disservice to U.S. Taxpayers and the Soviets Alike, by Karen LaFollette (April 26, 1991)

7. U.S.-Japanese Security Relations: Adjusting to Change, by Christopher A. Preble (March 14, 1991)

6. The Volunteer Military: Better Than a Draft, by Doug Bandow (January 8, 1991)

5. Time for Congress to Vote on the Issue of War in the Gulf, by Christopher Layne and Ted Galen Carpenter (December 14, 1990)

4. Do We Need to Go to War for Oil? by David R. Henderson (October 24, 1990)

3. Banking on Poverty: An Insider's Look at the World Bank, by Michael H. K. Irwin (September 20, 1990)

2. The Rise of the Middle Eastern Bogeyman: Sliding Toward Post-Cold-War Interventionism, by Leon T. Hadar (September 5, 1990)

1. NATO in the 1990s: Burden Shedding Replaces Burden Sharing, by Rosemary Fiscarelli (June 26, 1990)