Links of Interest

"The Founders’ Constitution," Liberty Fund (Indianapolis, IN)
Arguably the most important of all resources on the principles of the Framers of the American republic. Includes extracts from the leading works of political theory, history, law, and constitutional argument on which the Framers and their contemporaries drew and which they themselves produced.

"The Charters of Freedom,"; National Archives (Washington, DC)
The official National Archives website.

"American Treasures," Library of Congress (Washington, DC)
Holograph images of Thomas Jefferson's "Original Rough Draught of the Declaration of Independence," with minor emendations by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, June 1776.

"Interactive Constitution," National Constitution Center (Philadelphia, PA)
A hypertext edition of the Constitution based on Linda Monk’s The Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution (Hyperion, 2003).

"Interpreting the Declaration of Independence by Translation," George Mason University (Fairfax, VA)
Translations of the Declaration of Independence in Italian, Japanese, and other languages.

"Political Database of the Americas," Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
A non-governmental Internet-based project that provides reference materials, primary documents, comparative studies, and statistical data for countries in the Western Hemisphere.