Professional Licensure and Quality: The Evidence

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Fiddling While the GATT Burns

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The Failure of Federal Job Training

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Privatization: The Worker Buy-Out Option

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Market Solutions to the Education Crisis

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U.S. Aid to Anti-Communist Rebels: The “Reagan Doctrine” and Its Pitfalls

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Deductible IRAs Are Best for Workers

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Compassion vs Control: FDA Investigational-Drug Regulation

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Global Interventionism and a New Imperial Presidency

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Emigration and Citizenship: Implications for Soviet-American Relations

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An “Industrial Policy” for Space?

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Does More Technology Create Unemployment?

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Pursuing a Strategic Divorce: The U.S. and the Anzus Alliance

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The Bonneville Power Administration: The Worst Mess by a Dam Site

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The Continuing Failure of Foreign Aid

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What’s Wrong With Trade Sanctions

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The U.S. Campaign Against International Narcotics Trafficking: A Cure Worse than the Disease

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Averting the Medicare Crisis: Health IRAs

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Totalitarian Global Management: The UN’s War on the Liberal International Economic Order

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The Case for Free Banking: Then and Now

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Day-Care Regulation: Serving Children or Bureaucrats?

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The United States and Third World Dictatorships: A Case for Benign Detachment

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Dairy Policy and Public Interest: The Economic Legacies

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Government Crop Programs: High Cost and Few Gains

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What Is the 1985 Farm Problem?

By J. Bruce Bullock. Policy Analysis No. 55. July 2, 1985.