JTPA: Another Federal Training Fraud

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National Service: The Enduring Panacea

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Cut the Social Security Payroll Tax

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Education: Is America Spending too Much?

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Perilous Panacea: The Military in the Drug War

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The Source of America’s Housing Problem: Look in Your Own Back Yard

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Creating a U.S Policy of Constructive Disengagement in the Middle East

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Economic Sanctions: Foreign Policy Levers or Signals?

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The Promise of High-Definition Television: The Hype and the Reality

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The Farm Credit Quagmire

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Thinking about Drug Legalization

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Debt, Leveraged Buyouts, and Corporate Governance

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Sequestration: Gramm-Rudman’s Potent Weapon for Spending Restraint

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The Pitfalls of U.S. Covert Operations

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Gorbachev and Glasnost—A New Soviet Order? Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy

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To Reduce Military Tensions in Europe, Ban Conscription

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Abolish Medicare Taxes on the Elderly

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U.S. Military Spending in the Cold War Era: Opportunity Costs, Foreign Crises, and Domestic Constraints

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Inside Our Outdoor Policy

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Political Advertising Regulation: An Unconstitutional Menace?

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The Twilight of Government Growth in a Competitive World Economy

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More Defense Spending for Smaller Forces: What Hath DoD Wrought?

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Trust the People: The Case against Gun Control

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Mandatory Family-Leave Legislation: The Hidden Costs

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The Reagan Record on Trade: Rhetoric vs. Reality

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