Alcohol Prohibition Was a Failure

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Countdown to Disaster: The Threat of Ballistic Missile Proliferation

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The Drug War vs. Land Reform in Peru

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Only Freedom of Education Can Solve America’s Bureaucratic Crisis of Education

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Our Next Criminal Class: Milk Bootleggers

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Extricating America from Its Middle Eastern Entanglement

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When Business “Adopts” Schools: Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

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State Spending Splurge: The Real Story Behind the Fiscal Crisis in State Government

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A Mexican View of North American Free Trade

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The Poison of Professional Politics

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Government Loans for the Soviet Union: A Disservice to U.S. Taxpayers and Soviets Alike

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Secretary Kemp and the Housing Policy Shell Game

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Intelsat and the Separate System Policy: Toward Competitive International Telecommunications

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U.S.-Japanese Security Relations: Adjusting to Change

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How Rising Tax Burdens Can Produce Recession

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Judging the 1991 Reform Effort: Do U.S. Banks Have a Future?

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The Profligate President: A Midterm Review of George Bush’s Fiscal Policy Performance

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Slower Is Better: The New Postal Service

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What Now for U.S. Energy Policy? A Free-Market Perspective

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The Volunteer Military: Better than a Draft

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Time for Congress to Vote on the Issue of War in the Gulf

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Long-Term Care: Why a New Entitlement Program Would Be Wrong

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Why Trade Retaliation Closes Markets and Impoverishes People

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Arabian Nightmares: Washington’s Persian Gulf Entanglement

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Term Limitation: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

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