The Prospects for American Workers: Immigration’s Impact

By Daniel Griswold. Testimony. October 30, 2003.

A Medicare Prescription Drug Safety Net: Creating A Targeted Benefit for Low-Income Seniors

By Tom Miller. Testimony. September 24, 2003.

The Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Stephen Moore. Testimony. June 25, 2003.

Public Education in Washington DC

By Casey J. Lartigue Jr.. Testimony. May 9, 2003.

Overcoming Obstacles Facing the Uninsured: How the Use of Medical Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Tax Credits Can Help

By Tom Miller. Testimony. May 8, 2003.

On President Bush’s Economic Growth Tax Cut

By Stephen Moore. Testimony. March 18, 2003.

Ownership with Chinese Characteristics: Private Property Rights and Land Reform in the PRC

By James A. Dorn. Testimony. February 3, 2003.

Dividend Taxation: Nearly All Major Nations Relieve Double Taxation

By Chris Edwards. Testimony. January 21, 2003.

Hearing on the Final Report Produced by The President’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security

By Andrew G. Biggs. Testimony. October 3, 2002.

Genetic Privacy

By Tom Miller. Testimony. September 12, 2002.

Rising Health Care Costs: The New Role for Consumer Empowerment, Greater Cost Medical Savings Accounts, and Two-Tiered Defined Contribution Health Plans

By Tom Miller. Testimony. August 13, 2002.

Proposing a Victims’ Rights Amendment

By Roger Pilon. Testimony. July 17, 2002.

Department of Homeland Security

By Ivan Eland. Testimony. June 25, 2002.

On International Economic and Exchange Rate Policy Hearings

By Steve H. Hanke. Testimony. May 1, 2002.

Argentina’s Current Political-Economic Crisis

By Steve H. Hanke. Testimony. March 5, 2002.

Public Hearing on China’s Capital Requirements and U. S. Capital Markets

By James A. Dorn. Testimony. December 6, 2001.

On The Subject of Economic Stimulus Proposals

By Chris Edwards. Testimony. December 6, 2001.

Executive Branch Arrests and Trials (Military Tribunals)

By Tim Lynch. Testimony. December 4, 2001.

The Economic Effects of Significant U.S. Import Restraints

By Daniel Griswold. Testimony. December 4, 2001.

Sales Taxes On Digital Downloads

By Aaron Lukas. Testimony. October 4, 2001.

On Social Security and Pension Reform: Lessons from Other Countries The Current State of Chile’s Private Pension System

By L. Jacobo Rodríguez. Testimony. July 31, 2001.

Rating Entertainment Ratings: How Well are They Working for Parents, and What can be Done to Improve Them?

By Roger Pilon. Testimony. July 25, 2001.

On the CIA’s Refusal to Cooperate with Congressional Inquiries

By Ivan Eland. Testimony. July 18, 2001.

Space Policy and Space Tourism

By Edward L. Hudgins. Testimony. June 26, 2001.

Blame Domestic Slowdown, not Trade, for Manufacturing Slump

By Daniel Griswold. Testimony. June 21, 2001.