Strangulation by Regulation

By Peter Van Doren. National Review. May 1, 2000.

Scouting the Issue

By Tom G. Palmer. Washington Times. April 30, 2000.

The Best Way to “Save Social Security”

By Michael D. Tanner. April 28, 2000.

Closing the Trust Gap on Education?

By Derrick A. Max. National Review (Online). April 28, 2000.

On the Origins of the Long Boom

By William A. Niskanen. April 27, 2000.

Sprawl for Me, But Not for Thee

By Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren. April 26, 2000.

Clinton Regime Outdoes Itself by Snatching Elian Gonzalez

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Gore’s Earth Day Message

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Should Populists Praise Big Companies?

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Democracy’s at Stake in the Fight over Tobacco Regulation

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The IMF Has Protesters Fooled

By Ian Vásquez. April 18, 2000.

Letter to the Editor of The Wall Street Journal Concerning Elian Gonzalez

By Roger Pilon. The Wall Street Journal. April 17, 2000.

Distortions That Don’t Ease the Agony

By Stephen Moore. Washington Times. April 17, 2000.

Distortions That Don’t Ease the Agony

By Stephen Moore. Washington Times. April 17, 2000.

WTO Membership Good for California, U.S. Economy

By Daniel Griswold. San Diego Union-Tribune. April 16, 2000.

Globalphobia in the Streets — Again

By Brink Lindsey. April 15, 2000.

Don’t Let the World Bank Off the Hook

By James M. Sheehan. April 13, 2000.

Abolish the IMF

By Steve H. Hanke. Forbes. April 13, 2000.

Personal Retirement Accounts Could Help Businessmen and Bureaucrats Trade Places

By Deroy Murdock. April 12, 2000.

Peril Up in the Air

By Patrick J. Michaels. April 8, 2000.

War on Drugs Costs American Lives and Liberties

By Deroy Murdock. April 7, 2000.

Microsoft, Decision Two

By Robert A. Levy. April 6, 2000.

America’s Overprotective Sexual Harassment Law

By Joan Kennedy Taylor. Investor’s Business Daily. April 6, 2000.

Census 2000: You May Already Be a Winner!

By Tom G. Palmer. Slate. April 5, 2000.

The Federal Leviathan is Counting on You

By David B. Kopel. Colorado Springs Gazette. April 4, 2000.