Energy Bill’s Nemesis?

By Jerry Taylor. Washington Times. December 24, 1991.

Popular Myths Muddle Clear Thinking on Guns, Drugs, Dogs, and Other ‘Dangers’

By David B. Kopel. Rocky Mountain News. September 27, 1991.

Federal Rules Not Needed

By Jerry Taylor. USA Today. September 12, 1991.

Bossy States Censor Green Ads

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Gun Foes Should Tell the Whole Story

By David B. Kopel. Chicago Tribune. March 30, 1991.

Smaller Cars Can Save Fuel But Cost Lives

By Jerry Taylor. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. March 19, 1991.

Rethinking Judicial Restraint

By Roger Pilon. The Wall Street Journal. February 1, 1991.

Letter to the Editor: Bad Judgment

By Roger Pilon. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. January 26, 1991.