Government’s Legal Arguments Shrivel on the Vine

June 10, 2013.

Movement to Ban Economic Mandates Grows

June 5, 2013.

End Prohibition-Era Alcohol Regulations

June 5, 2013.

Minnesota Supreme Court Punts on Key Privacy/Property Rights Case

June 4, 2013.

One More Note on the DNA-Swab Case: Judicial Alignment

June 4, 2013.

FCC Takes Eye Off Ball, Leaves Court in Defeat

May 31, 2013.

First They Came for My Coke, Then They Came for My Jack

May 29, 2013.

Campaign Restrictions Lead to Due Process Violations, Even in Local Politics

May 29, 2013.

Does Freedom of Speech Conflict with Freedom of Religion?

May 28, 2013.

Are You Indian Enough to Be Exempt from Obamacare?

May 24, 2013.

Can Congress Make Lois Lerner Talk?

May 23, 2013.

Supreme Court Errs in Giving Agencies Power to Define Their Own Power

May 20, 2013.

Supreme Court Strikes Another Blow against IRS

May 20, 2013.

Once More Unto the Treaty-Power Breach

May 16, 2013.

The First Amendment Protects Both Political Donations and Campaign Spending

May 14, 2013.

Stopping the EPA from Regulating Puddles

May 10, 2013.

The Constitution Protects Even Old-Timey Property Rights

April 25, 2013.

Labor Nominee Exemplifies All That Is Bad with Government

April 23, 2013.

Supreme Court Wisely Rules that U.S. Law Doesn’t Apply Outside the U.S.

April 17, 2013.

Supreme Court Ducks Key Second Amendment Issue — For Now

April 15, 2013.

Government Can’t Condition Federal Contracts on Giving Up Constitutional Rights

April 5, 2013.

U.S. Can’t Use Supreme Court’s Property Rights Ruling to Rewrite Takings Law

April 3, 2013.

Water Shoot-Out at the OK Corral

April 1, 2013.

If Supreme Court Has Jurisdiction, DOMA Likely Falls, With a Controlling Federalism Opinion from Kennedy Alone

March 27, 2013.

When Did Laws Denying Same-Sex Couples Marriage Licenses Become Unconstitutional?

March 27, 2013.