Reining in Antitrust Immunity

Regulation. Fall 2014.

PPACA’s Corrupting Lawlessness

Regulation. Winter 2013 - 2014.

Returning to the True Spirit of the First Amendment

Regulation. Spring 2013.

Protecting the Right to Remain Silent in the Workplace

Regulation. Winter 2012-2013.

Compliance — or Else

Regulation. Winter 2011-2012.


Regulation. Summer 2011.

Property Rights Apologia

Regulation. Fall 2008.

A Private Auction of Opportunities

Regulation. Spring 2006.

‘Nice Questions’ Unanswered: Grokster, Sony’s Staple Article of Commerce Doctrine,and the Deferred Verdict on Internet File Sharing

Supreme Court Review. 2004-2005.

In Defense of Plea Bargaining

Regulation. Fall 2003.