Bad News for Karl Marx

August 1, 2007.

French Tax Exiles Unlikely to Go Home

August 1, 2007.

“Carried Interest” Battle Could Be Precursor to Broader Effort to Increase Capital Gains Tax

August 1, 2007.

Japanese Voters Send Anti-Tax Signal

July 31, 2007.

Bulgaria Announces 10 Percent Flat Tax

July 30, 2007.

The Airborne Version of the Post Office/Department of Motor Vehicles

July 30, 2007.

More Evidence for a Corporate Rate Cut

July 26, 2007.

The Laffer Curve: Separating Fact from Fiction

July 25, 2007.

Politicians Seeking Pro-Growth Tax Cuts to Lure Successful People Back to France

July 23, 2007.

Finally Legal!

July 23, 2007.

Great Moments in Local Government, Part II

July 23, 2007.

A Scolding from the EC

July 20, 2007.

Treasury Secretary Highlights Importance of Competitive Corporate Tax System

July 20, 2007.

Great Moments in Local Government, Part I

July 19, 2007.

Get Rid of the Surgeon General’s Office

July 18, 2007.

A Perverse Burst of Honesty from Europe

July 16, 2007.

Norway’s Hypocritical Statists

July 15, 2007.

America’s Anti-Competitive Corporate Income Tax

July 13, 2007.

French Drivers Defy Speed Cameras

July 13, 2007.

British “Fat Tax” Would Mean More Intrusive Government

July 12, 2007.

A Cautious Cheer for French Tax Cut Package

July 12, 2007.

This Could Be the End of 007’s Aston Martin

July 12, 2007.

German Corporate Tax Cut is Now Official

July 11, 2007.

Is England Becoming a Nation of Big-Government Snitches?

July 10, 2007.

Anti-Money Laundering Laws Impose Heavy Costs, yet Do Not Hinder Crime and Terrorism

July 9, 2007.