November 27

How Should the United States Respond to Terrorism?

Featuring Anthony Cordesman, Center for Strategic and International Studies; John Parachini, Monterey Institute of International Studies; Bruce Hoffman, RAND Corporation; Ivan Eland, Cato Institute.

November 8

China’s Pension System: Crisis and Challenge

A Joint Conference of the Cato Institute and the China Center for Economic Research, Peking University featuring Fred Hu, Goldman Sachs; Justin Yifu Lin, CCER; Guo Shuqing,rnPeople’s Bank; David Hatton, ING Pension Trust; and Michael Tanner, Cato Institute.

September 17

Arizona’s Scholarship Tax Credit: A New Direction for School Choice?

Featuring Trent Franks, Former member of the Arizona House of Representatives and author of Arizona’s Scholarship Tax Credit legislation; Lisa Graham Keegan, Chief executive officer of the Education Leaders Council and former Arizona superintendent of public instruction; Carrie Lips, Author of “The Arizona Scholarship Tax Credit: Giving Parents Choices, Saving Taxpayers Money,” to be released on September 17 by the Cato Institute.

May 22

Time to Rethink the War on Drugs?

Featuring Joseph diGenova, Former U.S. Attorney; Randy Barnett, Boston University School of Law; Sally Satel, American Enterprise Institute; Dennis Knizely, Criminal Defense Attorney.