Recent Op-Eds

In Alabama, a Victory for School Choice

By Jason Bedrick. National Review (Online). March 5, 2015.

The Alabama supreme court’s decision adds to the growing consensus of high courts upholding the constitutionality of school-choice laws.

The Melting Pot Meets the Voting Booth

By Alex Nowrasteh and Sam Wilson. National Review (Online). March 5, 2015.

Immigrants’ political and ideological opinions will not shift American policy in a big-government direction.

Do We Need the DHS?

By Michael D. Tanner. National Review (Online). March 4, 2015.

We might well ask what the DHS is doing to further our national security.

Jobs Depend on Obamacare Defeat

By Michael F. Cannon. USA Today. March 4, 2015.

King v. Burwell is about more than IRS rules; it could kill the employer mandate, too.