Recent Op-Eds

Wall Street Offers Very Real Benefits

By Thaya Knight. USA Today. May 27, 2015.

While the news about corruption, corporate welfare and lawbreaking is very bad, it doesn't mean the entire industry is rotten.

A So-So Republican Budget

By Michael D. Tanner. National Review (Online). May 27, 2015.

It contains some positive steps, but also some sleight-of-hand and increased spending.

The 4 Percent-Plus Solution

By Richard W. Rahn. Washington Times. May 25, 2015.

Of those running for president, who will give this speech?

African Dawn Needs the Rule of Law

By Marian L. Tupy. BDlive. May 25, 2015.

One of Africa’s key problems remains the weakness of African institutions, which are, in turn, a necessary prerequisite for robust long-term growth.