Cato University 2015

Summer Seminar on Political Economy

July 26 - 31, 2015

Cato Institute • 1000 Massachusetts Ave, NW • Washington, DC

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Bastiat Scholarship Application

Cato seeks to identify and educate the future minds of the liberty movement. To do so, we have generous support from sponsors to offer scholarships to Cato University, which include the registration fee, meals, lodging at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Washington, DC, and all books and materials. If you are interested in the ideas of liberty, want to spend a week developing them with some of the most well-known liberty scholars, and are looking for an experience you’ll never forget, submit your application today.

Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis until June 8. You will be notified of your status no later than June 23 (earlier applicants will be notified sooner).

General information

  • Type the full name of your university. Don't use acronyms. Also, don't use the name of a school within a university. If, for example, you attend the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at George Washington University, then type George Washington University.
  • Which books would you consider the most influential in the development of your own political philosophy?

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