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World Bank Criticizes Corruption in Argentina, Then Awards its Government $2 Billion

According to the Argentine daily La Nación [in Spanish], the World Bank warned yesterday about “corruption, money laundering, inflation, indebtedness and nationalizations in Argentina.” Then the WB went ahead and approved a series of loans to the country for approximately $2 billion.

The Argentine minister of Labor said that the credits were “a good sign of confidence” by the World Bank on the country.

The Compatibility of Growth and Human Rights

Do trade and economic growth conflict with human rights?

Too often, human rights advocates present development as incompatible with rights. So-called development agencies like the World Bank often ignore rights, including personal choice, when they push for top-down growth strategies around the world. Jean-Pierre Chauffour will speak at the Cato Institute tomorrow on his new Cato book, The Power of Freedom: Uniting Human Rights and Development, where he takes the human rights and development “communities” to task for working at cross purposes and muddled thinking.

Sign up here or watch online to hear him present a development agenda that respects the full range of human rights. Susan Aaronson of George Washington University will comment.