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Cato Staff

Please click here to see a list of our policy scholars.



  • Austin Bragg, Director of Audio Visual Production, abragg [at] cato.org
  • Khristine Brookes, Vice President for Communications, kbrookes [at] cato.org
  • Caleb Brown, Director of Multimedia, cbrown [at] cato.org
  • Sarah Bryant, Marketing Coordinator, sbryant [at] cato.org
  • Brandi Dunn, Marketing Manager, bdunn [at] cato.org
  • Bob Garber, Director of Marketing, rgarber [at] cato.org
  • John Glaser, Manager of Media Relations, jglaser [at] cato.org
  • Meaghan Leister, Director of Broadcast Outreach, mleister [at] cato.org
  • Andrew Mast, Director of Web Communications, amast [at] cato.org
  • Allison Miller, Director of Media Relations, amiller [at] cato.org
  • Alexa Moser, Media Relations Coordinator, amoser [at] cato.org
  • Brian Mullis, Media Relations Coordinator, bmullis [at] cato.org
  • Kat Murti, Digital Marketing Manager, kmurti [at] cato.org
  • Eleanor O’Connor, Marketing Manager, eoconnor [at] cato.org
  • Lester Romero, Multimedia Coordinator, lromero [at] cato.org
  • Kevin Sennett, Studio Production Manager, ksennett [at] cato.org



  • Todd Bolick, Executive & Development Specialist, tbolick [at] cato.org
  • Meg Guegan, Director of Development Communications, mguegan [at] cato.org
  • Grace Hogan, Executive Scheduler/Development Assistant, ghogan [at] cato.org
  • Jenna Huhn, Special Events Manager, jhuhn [at] cato.org
  • Sallie James, Director of Development, sjames [at] cato.org
  • David Kirby, Vice President of Development, dkirby [at] cato.org
  • Harrison Moar, Director of Sponsor Services, hmoar [at] cato.org
  • Greta Pisarczyk, Development Coordinator, gpisarczyk [at] cato.org
  • Timothy Reuter, Development Research Assistant, treuter [at] cato.org
  • Reid Smith, Director of Development, rsmith [at] cato.org
  • John Tamny, Senior Director, jtamny [at] cato.org
  • Gayllis Ward, Associate Vice President of Development, gward [at] cato.org
  • Ben Wyche V, Research Manager, bwyche [at] cato.org


External Affairs

  • Heather Curry, Director of External Affairs, hcurry [at] cato.org
  • Rebecca Bernbach Graves, External Affairs Coordinator, rbernbach [at] cato.org
  • Peter Russo, Director of Congressional Affairs, prusso [at] cato.org


Administration & Support Staff

  • Linda Ah-Sue, Vice President, Events & Conferences
  • Virginia Anderson, Chief Information Officer
  • Evan Banks, Producer, Libertarianism.org, ebanks [at] cato.org
  • Ashley Benson, Conference Coordinator, abenson [at] cato.org
  • Alexandra Bubb, Conference Manager, abubb [at] cato.org
  • Rachel Goldman, Conference Manager, rgoldman [at] cato.org
  • Jon Heimerman, Chief Administrative Officer/Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Mark Houser, Student Programs Coordinator, mhouser [at] cato.org
  • Dan Jackson, Staff Writer
  • Mackenzie Johnson, Conference Registrar, mjohnson [at] cato.org
  • David Lampo, Publications Director
  • Jessica Lucas, Jr. Web Designer, jlucas [at] cato.org
  • Jose Medina, Conference Specialist, jmedina [at] cato.org
  • Jon Meyers, Art Director
  • Scott Morrison, Manager of Web Technologies, smorrison [at] cato.org
  • Alan Peterson, Director of MIS, apeterson [at] cato.org
  • Katy Ranville , Student Programs Associate, kranville [at] cato.org
  • Claudia Ringel, Manager of Editorial Services
  • Beth Santos, Executive Assistant to the President, bsantos [at] cato.org
  • Kelley Skelton, Senior Accounting Manager, kskelton [at] cato.org
  • John Szamosi, Web Technology Assistant, jszamosi [at] cato.org
  • Valerie Usher, Chief Financial Officer, vusher [at] cato.org
  • Jason Vines, Lead Web Developer, jvines [at] cato.org

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